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As well as providing drama training in our weekly screen acting workshops, students of the Exposure Drama School get the chance to regularly showcase their talents in the drama schools very own audience interactive weekly Web Television soap opera: E-Drama.


Broadcasting to a global mobile phone and Web TV audience, the production gives students the experience of working on a real life working TV production - essential if they are to develop their own original dramatic technique - as well as the chance to continually develop a showreel of their acting talents. Most importantly, the show provides them with the exposure to become a recognised quality product, essential if they are to successfully develop a career in the creative industries.


Episodes of the show will broadcast on Web and mobile phone TV, ensuring a wide global reach. Once filming begins, we also aim to syndicate it to various broadcast channels. We will also stream behind the scenes exclusives over Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Live.  


Graduates of a previous Portsmouth based community production - called ' Chalkhill Lives' - found work on numerous film and TV productions, as well as securing places at some of the UK's most prestigious drama schools: Guildford School of Acting and the Central School of Speech and Drama.


Created in the pre-YouTube and Facebook age on a near zero budget, the pioneering show broadcast on the Community Channel, available on Freeview, becoming the channel's highest rating show. It was also featured in various national media outlets, receiving critical acclaim from both 'The Sun Online' and the 'Media Guardian'.    


View the entire 'Chalkhill Lives' soap opera drama serial here. With sample episodes below.

"I came out of an expensive three year academic university drama course still not knowing how to act. Since joining Chalkhill, which is excellent value for money, I can confidently say that I now do." - Ben (age 22)


E-Drama is an online audience interactive Web TV soap opera about four millennial's living in a house share in Central London, UK. Depicting the daily goings on in their lives, the show will focus specifically on Internet related situations (e-dramas).


The short episodes - each no longer than 10 minutes in length - will broadcast weekly with viewers invited to suggest the shows storylines.  

E-Drama will feature the following main characters plus their visiting friends, relatives and work colleagues.
*Images are likenesses only, not final casting decisions
Working in Recruitment where she's recently been promoted to Team Leader, Jess is an ambitious, good hearted, fun time girl. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, she is desperate to settle down. She's dating Freddie.
A spendaholic, she has a passion for shoes and is extremely materialistic - very Instagram influenced. Stubborn in her ways, she can bruise easily and holds grudges for months. Can be very judgemental and a gossip. Scared of silence, she blabbers continuously to fill the void. Unconsciously dissatisfied with life and herself, she is a frenetic control freak. Has a secret crush on her boss and gets on well with Barnaby, whom she sees as a brother. Graduated with a First Class Honours in Business Studies.
"I don't like to be negative, but what really pisses me off..." 



Currently working nights as a Personal Trainer, Freddie is a wild card, having a restless quality. The cliche 'player' and a lad, Freddie has broken many girls hearts and has a bad boy reputation. Something of a mystery, he rarely opens up about his past but close friends know he spent time in care as a child. A drifter and a dreamer, Freddie has many ideas but is too lazy to put them into action. He has deep rooted anger issues which have landed him in trouble. Funny, metrosexual, self ironic and a real charmer, he gets on well with Barnaby. Is in a relationship with Jess, who wants him to settle down. Graduated with a 2.2 in Sports Coaching & Business.  



Barnaby - or 'B' - is a soft, sensitive soul who has always dreamed of being a writer. A real book worm, he's intelligent but often feels he has to dumb himself down for his peers. Something of a loner, Barnaby is determined to retain his individuality in a world of confirmity. Into politics and current affairs, he is struggling to find his way in life, deeply resentful of his monotonous job working in a call centre feeling called to a greater purpose. Comedic, he was raised by his domineering mother - Beryl  - as an only child and she continues to play an overbearing influence in his life. Well mannered, generous and kind, Barnaby is something of an enigma. Graduated with a 2.1 in English Literature.



A real mystery, what could she possibly be getting up to in her spare time? The truth is set to shock all!  Evelyn is a new tenant in the house share, having moved in only a month ago. A real mystery, she comes across as very shy and un-confident, but seems very nice. She works as a Primary School Teacher at a local school. Yet to mix with the others, she is very fond of Jess, who is slowly making an effort to get to know her. Barnaby doesn't trust her.


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